Spend. Earn.

Enjoy. Repeat.

Wendy and Dan May of Florence, MT are Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts to the core. On their last road trip, they stopped at over 40 H-D® dealerships and racked up serious points on their H-D™ Visa® card.

Dan says, "I refer to our card as perpetual motion in spending. Spend some money at Harley, get points, go back and spend the points at Harley!" They use their card everywhere (not just at H-D® dealerships), and recently redeemed their points for new tailpipes. Ride on!

Jim and Mary Jane Craft tale

Turning rewards into repairs

for their ride

Jim and Mary Jane Craft of Pinckneyville, IL returned from a hard-riding, 5,000-mile road trip with a 2012 Road Glide® Ultra motorcycle in need of new tires, a new battery and some routine maintenance.

They talked about putting off some of the work they needed to spread out the costs, but then discovered they had enough H- D Genuine Rewards points to cover all of the needed repairs. "Thanks to H-D Visa®, we're riding again. Can't wait to build up more rewards for our next service."

Don and Heidi Hrupcin tale

Sharing the love with those

who matter most

Bob Holland of Warren, PA uses his H-D Visa® card to spoil the important people in his life, starting with his granddaughter Abigail. "She loves it when I visit on my Harley® and when I use my card to surprise her with a gift when I show up."

With the rewards he earns with his card, he also likes to spoil his wife with the latest Harley® gear AND spoil his Harley® motorcycle with regular dealer service. Way to share the love, Bob.

Don and Heidi Hrupcin tale

Racking up points

to protect their ride

Don and Heidi Hrupcin of Greendale, WI use their H-D Visa® card constantly with a very specific goal in mind: to save while protecting their Harley-Davidson® motorcycle from the harsh Wisconsin winters.

"We let the points build up all year, then apply the rewards to pay off winter storage and maintenance. When we pick up our bike in spring, it's ready to go, and we're ready to start building up points for the next year." Smart move!

Craig Schultze

turning the

big day

into big rewards

When Craig Schultze of Beatrice, NE celebrated his daughter’s marriage, he also celebrated all of the H-D Genuine Rewards he racked up.

"I used my H-D Visa® card to purchase everything from food to her DJ to decor and, of course, her wedding dress, plus a white button down that I wore when I walked her down the aisle." Craig used his rewards to get new gear to wear on his 2015 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® motorcycle. Congrats all around.

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