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Rider Tales from the Open Road

FEATURED RIDERS: Don and Heidi Hrupcin
Racking up points to protect their ride.

Don and Heidi Hrupcin of Greendale, WI use their H-D™ Visa® card constantly with a very specific goal in mind: to save while protecting their Harley-Davidson® motorcycle from the harsh Wisconsin winters.

"We let the points build up all year, then apply the rewards to pay off winter storage and maintenance. When we pick up our bike in spring, it's ready to go, and we're ready to start building up points for the next year." Smart move!

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  • Click to Show/Hide Craig Schultze: Turning the big day into big-time rewards.

    When Craig Schultze of Beatrice, NE married off his oldest daughter, he also rode off with a whole lot of H-D™ Genuine Rewards.

    "I used my H-D™ Visa® card to purchase everything from food to her DJ to decor and, of course, her wedding dress, plus a white button down that I wore when I walked her down the aisle." Craig used his rewards to get new gear to wear on his 2015 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® motorcycle." Congrats all around!

  • Click to Show/Hide Mack Morrow, Jr.: Exceptional Care Thanks to his Card
    Mack Morrow, Jr. of Wetumpka, Alabamale, MI 

    Mack Morrow, Jr. of Wetumpka, Alabama is able to keep his Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Screamin' Eagle® motorcycle "spotless and exceptionally maintained" thanks to his H-D™ Visa® card.

    "I use my card often and almost live off it so that I can get the rewards." Mack has redeemed his
    H-D™ Genuine Rewards for everything from new tires to a new battery and even his bike's 20,000-mile service. "It's the only card I use. I recommend it to any Harley® rider."

  • Click to Show/Hide Lisa & Don Wilber: Loving the Attention and Rewards
    Lisa & Don Wilber of Northville, MI 

    Lisa & Don Wilber of Northville, MI get constant comments about how cool their H-D™ Visa® card is, but what they really love is the constant rewards.

    "We love this card, because we get rewarded for everything we do. We buy groceries, gas, clothes, appliances, airfare, classes, concerts, everything with our card. Then we take our rewards with us whenever we ride, because we always visit H-D™ dealerships and love to buy Harley® gear." Happy shopping!

  • Click to Show/Hide Harry Rombold: Man on a Mission

    Check out this short video about Harry Rombold who turned his Harley-Davidson® riding passion into a mission. With help from the Warriors’ Watch organization, he and other Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts honor and welcome home returning soldiers.

    A cardmember since 1998, Harry uses his H-D™ Visa card to earn H-DTM Genuine Rewards to keep his bike "running sweet" for every Warriors' Watch mission.

    This video is streamed through the Official YouTube Channel of the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. Visit YouTube for
    more Harley-Davidson® related videos.

    More great rider tales!
  • Click to Show/Hide Brenda Milam Mayfield: Turning Swipes into Sweet Rewards
    Brenda and Doug Milam Mayfield standing by their Harley Davidson motorcycles  Brenda Milam Mayfield of Garland, Texas is a woman on the move, and she likes to bring along her husband, Doug, and their H-D™ Visa® card. "Every time we swipe our card, we know we are racking up points (and bonus points!) for our next accessory or H-D® merchandise."

    They recently toured the Smoky Mountains and cashed in their H-D™ Visa rewards, so they could get new luggage for their trip. Ride on, Brenda and Doug!

  • Click to Show/Hide Rick Deason: Racking Up Rewards Around the World
    Rick Deason standing with his Harley Davidson motocycle    Rick Deason of Meridian, ID is a man on the go, and his H-DTM Visa® card always goes with him. He and his card have been to England, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and more!

    Says Rick, "You won't believe the comments I get about the card with its Harley-Davidson® logo, even at some Harley® dealers." Rick appreciates all the ways he gets to use his H-DTM Genuine Rewards. "They give me the opportunity to buy a lot of extras for my ride. I've purchased new suspension, pipes, tuner and more" – plus loads of cool accessories for his new H-DTM Road Glide® motorcycle.

    "This is one card that truly has something I receive that's useful. It's a great opportunity!" We agree! Happy travels, Rick.

  • Click to Show/Hide Angie Schuman-Dooley: Riding with a Dream and a New Passion
    Angie Schuman-Dooley: Riding with a Dream and a New Passion    Angie Schuman-Dooley had never been on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle until her boyfriend took her for a spin last year. It was love at first ride. She signed up right away for an
    H-D™ Visa card with the dream of winning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle of her own in the H-D™ Visa Free Ride Sweepstakes.

    Angie uses her card whenever she can to build up points for Harley Chrome® Cash. "That way I can buy all the Harley® gear I need to make my ride more pleasurable and make me look fantastic!" Ride on, Angie.

  • Click to Show/Hide Lore and Russ Ratike: Racking Up Rewards In Any Weather
    Lori and Russ Ratike: Racking Up Rewards In Any Weather  Lori and Russ Ratike live in a small town in Minnesota, where the cold winters limit the time they can ride their Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. During this time of “rider hibernation,” they focus on earning rewards with their H-D™ Visa card.

    Explains Lori, "What’s wonderful is that all the months we can’t ride, we can still use our card to pay bills and buy things we need. Then when it comes time to start putting on the miles, we have Harley Chrome® Cash ready! So far, we’ve gotten loud pipes, new tires, chrome accessories and more. This is a fantastic card!"

  • Click to Show/Hide Patty Martin: Pretty In Pink and Proud of It
    Patty Martin: Pretty in Pink and Proud of it  Patty Martin wanted to add a little feminine touch to her ride, so she decided to paint her bike pink with a hint of purple. Says Patty, “That paint gave me the most unique bike in my town. I even won a trophy with it!”

    Now Patty uses the Harley Chrome® Cash from her H-D™ Visa card to buy pink and purple
    H-D® MotorClothes® apparel to match her bike. "Harley-Davidson has a really nice line of feminine clothing for us biker chicks who love the open road as much as all those tough biker dudes."  Looking good, Patty!

  • Click to Show/Hide Bruce Russell: Making His Wish List a Reality
    Bruce Russell: Making His Wish List a Reality  After purchasing a 2010 Harley-Davidson® FLHTK motorcycle, Bruce Russell set out to buy some accessories for his new ride. He bought a few, but his savings couldn’t get him all the items on his Harley® accessory wish list.

    "Then a light came on," says Bruce. "I realized I could use the reward points from my
    H-D™ Visa card. Turns out, I had enough points for 13 Harley Chrome® Cash certificates! I was back in business with the accessories catalog in hand." Way to go, Bruce.

  • Click to Show/Hide Susan Williams: Her T-Shirts Tell Her Story
    Susan Williams: Her T-Shirts Tell Her Story  Wherever Susan Williams rides, she takes her H-D™ Visa card with her and loves the "Wow, cool card!" comments she get when she uses it.

    Susan also loves the Harley Chrome® Cash she earns, which she uses to buy T-shirt souvenirs at every Harley-Davidson® dealership she visits. "I’ve collected T-shirts from San Francisco, CA to Gettysburg, PA and lots of places in between." Ride on, Susan.

  • Click to Show/Hide Terri and Ron Bandy: Momentos from a Most Amazing Trip
    Terri and Ron Bandy: Momentos from a Most Amazing Trip  Terri and Ronald Bandy recently took the trip of a lifetime on their Harley-Davidson® Ultra-Classic® Electra Glide® motorcycle. In 24 days, they rode through 18 states, visited 8 national parks and traveled 7,739 miles!

    Terri recalls, "We stopped at 13 H-D® dealerships and used Harley Chrome® Cash for all our Harley® souvenirs."

    They’re already looking ahead to their next big riding adventure and using their H-D™ Visa Card often to build up their Harley Chrome® Cash. All Terri can think about now is "when do we leave?" Whenever you do, have a blast!

  • Click to Show/Hide James Donnellan: Turning Business into Pure Riding Pleasure
    James Donnellan: Turning Business into Pure Riding Pleasure  James Donnellan travels almost every week for his job, and he always takes his H-D™ Visa card with him. "Since my card is accepted everywhere, it’s a great choice for business travel."

    Between paying for hotels, restaurants and gas, James earns H-D™ Genuine Rewards points quickly. His favorite way to enjoy them is while he’s on vacation. "My recent Joshua Tree and Palomar Mountain trip was made possible by the Harley Chrome® Cash I used for a 2-day rental." Happy travels, James!

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